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Douglas Street

Douglas Street is a social enterprise that empowers nonprofits through measurable, impactful and affordable digital marketing services.


Nonprofits First

Google provides USD $10,000 in Google Ads credits per month per registered nonprofit. This USD $10,000 can be turned into brand awareness, donations and volunteers.


Douglas Street works to listen to our nonprofits marketing goals, then convert these Google Ads credits into meaningful results.

Services We Cover

Ad Grants

This is our bread and butter. Google Ad Grants is where most of our clients focus their energy. 

Google Ads

Once a nonprofit outgrows it's US$10,000 per month, they often graduate to a paid Search and Display account. 


When looking to grow brand awareness, YouTube is the world's 2nd biggest search engine and perfect for communicating your mission. 

Sam is a highly competent digital marketer that designs practical and effective digital strategies, specifically designed for the not for profit sector.

Seb Agudelo

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I worked with Sam while he was at google and he is incredibly diligent, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I always looked forward to his calls and he helped me grow my business

Kirk Skinner

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Robert Harris

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