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Sam Condon

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Hi, I'm Sam.

Whilst at Google, I was the direct account manager for 600+ for profit businesses like Sony, RODE microphones and Coco Republic. I’ve spent too many hours in Google Ads accounts than I’d care to admit.

My parents run the incredible Raise Foundation, so I began volunteering on Google Ad Grants accounts, advising 20+ nonprofits including Red Cross, UNICEF and Medicins Sans Frontieres. I became deeply familiar with the backend the Ad Grants policies and found these accounts are a massive opportunity for nonprofits if used correctly.

I began running trainings for other Google employees and other digital marketing agencies across Australia in Ad Grants to see if I could build awareness.

In early 2021, I was listening to a friend doing amazing work for refugees in Australia but struggled to communicate their impact or grow fundraising. Unfortunately, good work wasn’t translating into a scalable and sustainable nonprofit.

Meanwhile, I was seeing Google offer a free US$10,000 to each registered charity in Australia every month. But small charities don’t have the resources to take advantage of this.

After that, I took a leap of faith. I decided to leave Google to help nonprofits with their digital marketing full-time, with a strict commitment to only get paid for our marketing services if the advertising is driving real, quantifiable value for the nonprofit.

We’re now supporting charities across the country and growing every day.

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