What's a Social Enterprise?

Charging a fee allows us to help more nonprofits run and keep nonprofits as our core business partners. There are 50,000+ registered charities in Australia alone. Each has a worthy mission and a passionate team ready to be empowered. We want to help as many as we can. 

We empower our charity partners we work with to challenge us. We stand behind our service - we don’t get paid unless it’s working. As a recipient of pro-bono services, it’s hard to criticise the work. We want to be held accountable for good work, all the time, and reduce power distance as equal partners. 

We charge a management fee based on the results we create for the nonprofit.

Charging a fee inextricably links our social mission to our profit-generating activities. See Porter and Kramer (2011, Harvard Business Review) on Creating Shared Value. What this means is we keep nonprofits as the centre of our operations and no nonprofit gets left behind. 

Why "Douglas Street"?

After many late nights of order-in pizzas and brainstorming, we decided to be authentic to our homegrown, "friend down the road" style, finally settling on Douglas Street.


Douglas Street is where we all met, and with an eagerness to develop deep connections with only a handful of select nonprofits, it seemed only fitting to extend our family-like ethos. 

A Focus on Nonprofits

We bring dollars and doers together.


Douglas Street aims to empower as many knowledgeable, passionate groups of people as possible; we know very little about climate change or youth mental health, but you do! Douglas Street prioritises nonprofits as small, agile groups of passionate people who are laser-focused on social impact.


Diversity is important. We support a diverse group of nonprofit organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.

Sam Condon


Our Team

Small, but mighty.

All big things start from small beginnings, and ours couldn't have been much smaller.

We're now supported by a team of contractors, consultants and volunteers, but in the beginning there was really just one full-timer. 

Small, but mighty.

About Us

Douglas Street is a marketing agency that works with nonprofits to help them maximise their social impact. We do this through measurable, impactful and affordable digital marketing services

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